GO! Local ToolKit Signup

Thank you for your interest in purchasing a GO! Local ToolKit!

What will you get with your GO! Local ToolKit?

  • GO! Local Campaign poster - to be hung year-round
  • GO! Local receipt tags
  • GO! Local gift tag stickers
  • GO Local stickers
  • PUSHPULL for the Gorge stickers (an oldie but goodie updated)
  • One-pager to educate your staff about the GO! Local ToolKit
  • Access to electronic version of GO! Local ToolKit materials
  • Promotion during GO! Local Month (annually from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day)
  • Inclusion in GO! Local Month events
  • In addition to ALL of these things, the economic benefits of this comprehensive campaign will be noticeable for participating businesses. According to an annual, national survey of independent businesses by the New Rules Project, ”buy local” campaigns are known to increase sales at participating businesses by as much as 3%. The more businesses that participate, the more successful the campaign – and the economic rewards – will be.

The GO! Local ToolKit is available to businesses:

  • that are privately held (not publicly traded)
  • whose owners with a controlling interest totaling greater than 50%, live in Hood River, Klickitat, Sherman, Skamania, or Wasco counties

Once we receive your registration form and payment, we will contact you with delivery/pick-up details for your GO! Local ToolKit. In the meantime, if you have any questions, you can contact us at info(at)gorgeowned.org.

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