Office Supplies, Furnishings and Electronics

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Guide: This guide to products that meet federal environmental purchasing guidelines includes office furnishings of all types. Here you’ll find an extensive directory of eco-friendly products.

Green Electronics Council’s Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT): This is a set of guidelines to help people determine the social and environmental factors associated with the manufacturing and recycling of electronics.

GreenSeal: This is a well-known and trusted certifier of environmentally preferred products, including cleaning services and products, papers, paints—even hotels (there are none in the Gorge). For a list of Green Seal certified products, go here.

Responsible Purchasing Network: A national network of procurement professionals dedicated to responsible purchasing receive access to purchasing guides on many topics, including paper.

Sustainable Industries’ Green Office Guide offers a comprehensive list of green office suppliers throughout the country, including information about the big mainstream office supply companies’ offerings in terms of green office supplies.

Cleaning Supplies

Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association: A great tool for finding environmentally preferred cleaning supplies and implementing “green” cleaning service programs.


How to choose a “green printer”
* Do you offer at least 30% post-consumer recycled content paper products?
* Do you offer paper products that are certified by FSC or SFI?
* Do you use a non-petroleum-based ink such as soy or vegetable ink?
* What digital printing services do you offer? Digital printing uses 100-percent nontoxic toner. Toner-based inks also produce less chemical waste.
Source: Sustainable Industries 2010 Green Office Guide

Note: GO! has done extensive research on printers in the Gorge. Express Color, a Portland-based company that serves the Gorge uses soy-based inks and high-content recycled paper.


Gorge Grown Food Network is a Hood River-based non-profit that supports sustainable food farming and distribution in the Columbia River Gorge. Check out Gorge Grown to learn more about seasonal farmers marketsand other Gorge Grown programs.

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