By GO! Member, Megan Spears

January is all about new beginnings, an opportunity to have a fresh start. It’s also National Get Organized “GO!” Month and in my mind the perfect time to start planning your projects.

For many people, it’s hard to know where to start. “It’s overwhelming – so why begin.” Right!?

Here are six tips to help you start the year off on the right foot:

Clean out your files. Take the time to go through your files. Recycle everything you know you don’t need (or can access elsewhere), create files that need to be referenced, label and file away.

Clear off your desk. Take the time to clean off your desk. If you’ve got lots of piles, set a timer and sort and clean for 15 minutes, take a break and repeat. Clean off old post-its and written notes and put into an action list.

Get your new calendar. Having your new calendar in place and your deadlines documented can be a vital tool to a successful new year. Take some time and write in important dates, deadlines and reminders.

Clean out closets. Winter is the best time to clean out the closets. We often have extra time inside the house – – so go through your closets and pull unwanted, unused or unnecessary items and move them to the donate pile. Old coats, boots and hats are welcomed at local shelters… they can really use them if you’re not.

Sort through storage. Like cleaning out the closets, now is a good time to sort through items that are in storage. If you did any holiday decorating, before you put it back into storage – ask yourself if you love it and are going to use it. If not, charitable organizations welcome those items.

As you can see, it’ takes time to get organized. By simply blocking out some time each week to work on your projects – you will quickly see your efforts begin to pay off!

Megan Spears, CPO, with Disorder2Order is a Certified Professional Organizer in Hood River. She specializes in helping people get organized within their home or office space. For more organizational tips go to or call 503-318-2912.

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