Gorge Owned is more than just a savvy marketing partner — we are a movement of individuals from all walks of life, families, businesses, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, local leaders, movers and shakers, and changemakers that are passionate about building resilient, thriving, and connected local communities. With a broad reach of thousands of active and engaged consumers spanning the entire Hood-Gorge region, our audience is eager to support independent, mission-based, community-focused businesses. We invite you to join forces through a Gorge Owned business membership, and let GO! help deliver your unique story.

We invite you to join forces through a Gorge Owned business membership, and let GO! help deliver your unique story.

Why should I become a GO! business member? I’m already a member of a local business association/chamber of commerce.

All of the local professional associations are invaluable for contributing to the economic strength of the Gorge. Gorge Owned is another tool in your toolbox. We are a member-supported nonprofit organization with a mission that differs from our peers. Through our programming, we approach global sustainability challenges (interconnected environmental, economic, and social issues that affect human and natural well-being) to effect real and lasting change at the local level.

Our business members are unique, too. Consumer habits are changing, and consumers are seeking meaningful differentiators when making buying decisions. Businesses that are local, independent, and community-focused have an influence on consumer choices. Through mission-based marketing, GO! celebrates and supports these businesses, connecting them to thousands of conscious consumers throughout the entire region.

I’m not sure if my business qualifies. How do you define local? How do I know if we’re sustainable enough?

If your business is located in the 5 counties of the Gorge and the owner resides here, it is contributing to a resilient local economy and we want to support your success. The more a business is going above and beyond — making sustainable choices (small and large) and demonstrating commitment to community — the more Gorge Owned is able to promote these efforts. But there’s no litmus test for this!

Most Gorge Owned businesses are striving towards more sustainable business practices. In the rare event that a GO! business member turns out to have a detrimental impact on human or natural well-being, we reserve the right to evaluate a business’s fit with our mission and refund membership if appropriate (luckily, this has never happened). If you’re still unsure, please reach out to talk it through.

What if we are a nonprofit or community group? My organization/business is political — or, some view our work as controversial. Are we a good fit for Gorge Owned?

We work with all sorts of local nonprofits, and offer a 20% nonprofit discount across all of our membership levels to accommodate nonprofit budgets (inquire for details). There are some instances when a Gorge Owned nonprofit membership is not appropriate — for example, we don’t lobby or advertise for political candidates, and we don’t actively endorse causes that conflict with our mission. If you’re still unsure, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss it.

My business is not locally-owned — or, our business already thrives without the support of a local business association. We still support Gorge Owned’s work. How can we get involved?

Gorge Owned relies on community support to produce robust annual programming. Many of the larger companies in the Gorge that are not locally-owned, or which don’t require the support of a GO! business membership, get involved as program sponsors. Sponsorship is most welcome and appreciated — important programs like the Sense of Place Lecture Series and GO! Local would not exist without this support! For more information about current sponsorship opportunities, please email Thank you for supporting Gorge Owned!

Questions about what a GO! membership would mean to your business? Feel free to email for more information or to set up a time to talk. We’re always happy to chat about creative ways to partner!

Take these simple steps to maximize your partnership with Gorge Owned

    1. Be sure to set up your business membership account online and update your entry in our GO! Local Living Economy Business Directory. This is a unique mission-based directory with loads of great features, so do take advantage.
    2. Use your current GO! Business Member badge (Vector image file) online and in print throughout the year to signal your association with only the best local, sustainable businesses in the Gorge. If your business is a brick & mortar, display your set of current window and door decals, too.
    3. All GO! business members have exclusive access to our GO! local events calendar, local deals listings, and local jobs board, which we regularly promote via Facebook and newsletter. We watch our members’ communications and add your content when we can, but we strongly encourage members to submit their events, deals, and job announcements to us directly. If you’re having trouble uploading these to our website, email with your details and we’ll take care of it on our end.
    4. Members are encouraged to share with us what makes your business uniquely Gorge Owned. Are you making efforts to engage proactively in your community, or making strides toward sustainable business practices? We want to know! Please email anytime you have meaningful news to share.
    5. Double check that you receive our e-newsletter (you can sign up on the bottom of our homepage) and that you follow our Facebook page. We actively promote our members every day, so do keep an eye out, and share GO! content with your friends and supporters to help increase our reach.
    6. Watch for opportunities to connect via GO! community events and open houses. Current business members receive priority to participate in or host Gorge Owned programs and events. We notify members when there are nearby opportunities to join in on.

Consider taking advantage of an add-on service to your membership

      • The Chinook Book local, sustainable shopping app connects local businesses to more than 58,000 active users of this coupon app in Portland and the Gorge.
      • We also partner with a local digital media company to produce GO! Local digital film shorts. Current members may purchase this service outright, or submit for consideration for merit-based scholarship.
      • Program sponsorship is another excellent way to increase your reach, and to support vital GO! programs in the process. As an entirely community-funded nonprofit organization, sponsorship is critical to our success and allows programs like GO! Local to thrive.

Email for more information. 

Take these simple steps to maximize your partnership with Gorge Owned!

Above all, stay in touch — email! We want to hear about.


Receive GO! member and educational “swag”: GO! member image file for web and print, GO! Member window cling, GO! Local bumper sticker, “Push/Pull for the Gorge” door clings (for brick & mortars), and seasonal GO! Local posters and signage

Members-only access to GO!’s online resources and tools, each shared periodically on social media: locally-owned business directory, events calendar, local deals page, jobs board

Receive special attention and curated, mission-based features on Facebook and in e-newsletter



Optional professional consultation re: social media & web, + 360° interior and exterior photos for Google listing (provided through GO! program partner)

Fixed presence on GO! homepage and monthly newsletter; logo or ad on GO!’s homepage, linked acknowledgment in all GO! e-newsletters

Headline sponsorship for GO! Local or Sustainability Challenges — opportunities for event tabling, prominent inclusion on all print marketing and signage, or acknowledgment in digital/video medium; Co-Presenters share headline billing



Add-on to any level at check-out

Chinook Book Coupon Advertising: $150 (GO! members-only annual savings of $146) Our friends at Chinook Book partner with some of the best local, and sustainable businesses in the Gorge to offer rewards and discounts at more than 50 local businesses. Rewards and discounts are delivered by the Chinook Book App to mobile users both local and visiting. Participation is easy! All you need is an offer, an image, and a logo to join. Connect your business with 58,000 Portland and Gorge mobile users looking to discover what’s happening in the Columbia River Gorge!

GO! Pay it Forward Program: $100 — Invest in community by sponsoring basic business membership for a local business
that could use a leg up. Your tax deductible donation allows Gorge Owned to offer marketing support for one year to a
locally-owned business that may be recovering from an economic setback.

*Benefits of GO! business membership described here are offered for fiscal year 2018-19, and subject to change annually. Business members must meet minimum criteria (i.e., locally-owned). GO! is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, but as services are exchanged for business membership, it is not tax-deductible as a charitable donation. Charitable donations are welcomed at, as well as tax-deductible individual and family memberships. Thank you for your support!