Clean Energy Works


Helping Gorge residents maximize home performance—making homes safer, healthier, efficient, and comfortable.


Working with Clean Energy Works (CEW), Gorge Owned helps Gorge residents improve home performance by accessing information and incentives. CEW offers complete and thorough experience, from the initial review of the efficiency of your house, to finding the right contractors, to securing competitive financing.

Through CEW’s rebate package, homeowners can save up to $3,000 on on total project costs. Starting with a Free ($250) 100 Point Performance Check, our local certified CEW Contractor performs a series of tests to evaluate current home energy usage. An Energy Performance Score (EPS) is assigned to identify where the greatest opportunities for improvements–heating systems and appliances, insulation, air sealing, windows, and more. The greater the improvements, the greater the savings (up to $2,500 in Rebates). Once upgrades are complete, a Quality Review ensures home performance is at its best.

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