Current Gorge Owned Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship includes all of the benefits of membership, and amplifies your community impact with a direct tie to well-loved local programs like Sense of Place, Bridging the Gorge, and GO! Local. 

Seeking Sponsors for Bridging the Gorge

Please join us in setting an inclusive table for this series of facilitated community conversations.

Many complex issues divide and connect us as communities — from polarizing local challenges, politics and ethnicity, geography and economics, and each our ability to feel and experience a sense of belonging (or not) here in the Gorge. Bridging the Gorge explores these complex local dynamics and seeks ways to connect more deeply with our neighbors across difference and distance. 

Bridging the Gorge endeavors to include and engage locals from all walks of life – but we need your help. Our sponsors not only empower our staff and partners to develop and deliver this program, but also allow us to offer scholarship and sliding scale tickets in order to include folks who do not traditionally have access to this kind of experience.

Gorge Owned’s sponsors and supporters are crucial partners to this work — please consider supporting today!