GO! Solar

GO! Solar Residential is an initiative that facilitates the installation of solar systems in Hood River, Wasco, and Skamania counties. Over the last two years, over 50 homes in the Gorge have installed Solar through our program.

GO! Solar Commercial is aimed at solarizing businesses and commercial buildings in Hood River County.

By partnering with local contractors and suppliers, securing local lending options, and working with utilities, local government and nonprofit partners, GO! Solar equips Gorge homes and businesses with PV systems at a remarkably low cost.

What you get when you GO! Solar:

    • Locally-Tailored Information: GO! Solar aims to provide the most relevant information for both Oregon and Washington residents in all counties served.
    • Partnering Contractors Committed to the Mission: GO! Solar’s vetted contractors are passionate about solar and their community.
    • Seamless and Worry-Free: It’s easy to get lost in the technicalities around going solar. GO! Solar contractors walk you through the steps of going solar, explain the tax incentives, and handle all permitting.
    • Easy on Your Pocketbook and the Environment: Solar is an investment that makes good economic sense. Installing solar reduces your monthly utility bill, increases the value of your home, and reduces your dependence on less-ideal sources of energy.

Read this great article about Going Solar by Hood River’s own Brett Vandenheuvel, ED of Columbia Riverkeeper.

GO! Solar is made possible by the support of the following partners:
Greenhome Design+Construction
Hire Electric
Common Energy

Sponsored by: Energy Trust of Oregon  & Platt Electric

Support From: Solar Oregon and Full Sail Brewing

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