We are looking forward to “Crisis on the Columbia: Native-White Alliances & Opposition to The Dalles Dam”, a lesson on the importance of cross-cultural alliances led by Katy Barber, December 19th, 7 PM at the Columbia Center for the Arts. A few important reminders:

  • Looking for tickets? This event is not yet sold out. There are a handful of tickets still available in the gallery at Columbia Center for the Arts. If these tickets do not sell in advance, they will be available at the door Wednesday night. We also periodically release tickets via cancellations to our online ticket supply, so feel free to continue checking back for availability.
  • Regarding the waiting list: While it is likely that this event will sell out in advance, we do not discourage folks from coming out anyway. We can typically admit 10-20 guests on our waiting list, so we encourage anyone that wants a seat to give it a try. The gallery and the bar at CCA will be open all night, so grab a drink, do a little local holiday shopping, and we’ll do our best to get you in!
  • To our ticketed guests: note that late guests cannot be guaranteed admission, even with ticket in hand. Please be sure that you are present and seated in the theatre by 6:50, as any empty seats are released to our waiting list from that point on. 
  • To our season ticket holders: if unable to use your ticket this month, we would appreciate if you could let us know so we can release that seat to a patron on the waiting list. You can email director@gorgeowned.org to pass along any cancellations, with our thanks! Also note that we are moving all season tickets to general admission rather than reserved seating. Season ticket holders will still be guaranteed a seat (provided they arrive before doors close at 6:50), but these guests will be free to select any seat in the theatre rather than from a reserved seating section. Unfortunately these reserved seats created some crowd flow issues and confusion, and we feel it would improve everyone’s experience to simplify this. If a reserved center seat is important, do let us know in advance and we will absolutely honor that request.

We hope to see all your merry faces this week, and thanks so much for the ongoing community support of the Sense of Place Lecture Series!

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