Gorge Owned’s individual members are members of our regional community that value the unique character of the Gorge. They value community building. They value a living, breathing economy which respects the natural world of this special place and the diversity of people that inhabit it. We and our members believe that localism is an ethic which can be enacted in our daily choices, rooted in a deep regard for community and a reverence for the Gorge.

Localism is our call to action to support one another and to invest in progress and prosperity here at home. We hope that you will answer the call, and join us as a member-supporter of Gorge Owned, as a guest at our events, and by acting with purpose every day to engage in our communities.

To all of our members and supporters, thank you for your friendship and generosity, and for empowering this organization’s success.

  • Support the programs you love like Sense of Place, GO! Local, Green Drinks, and Community Conversations
  • Your gift is tax deductible
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  • For a limited time: all members receive a 12-month app subscription to the Chinook Book ($15 value) so you can save all year at local, sustainable businesses