Gorge Business Network is gearing up for GO! Local Holidays, a Gorge-wide “buy local” campaign that aims to educate consumers about the benefits of shopping at, banking with, and investing in local enterprises. Through a series of coordinated events and marketing tools—including print, online and social media—GO! Local Holidays helps customers easily identify companies, artists, and nonprofits that are locally owned, and creates opportunities for them to connect with one another.

In its inaugural year, 164 people and 50 businesses participated, resulting in more than $47,500 in tracked spending. The impacts to the local economy likely went well beyond these numbers.

GO! Local Holidays includes the GO! Local Challenge, where local residents can win prizes for shopping locally, donating to local nonprofits, supporting local artists, and choosing other local enterprises during the holiday season.
The campaign is only as powerful as those who participate.