Stacie and Chris Creasy

Since purchasing Sixth Street Bistro in 2009, Stacie and Chris Creasy have been committed to continuing a legacy of environmental stewardship and community involvement at one of Hood River’s favorite local pubs. From rewarding its local customers with Two-For-Tuesday deals in the wintertime to dousing its menu with rotating seasonal specials, Stacie and Chris incorporate many sustainable business practices that are not only good for the environment, but also good for their bottom line.

“Sixth Street Bistro is a prime example of a local business embodying the environmental awareness and community focus that many restaurants and businesses are working toward in the Gorge,” says Becky Brun, Director of the Gorge Owned Business Network.

Sixth Street purchases local produce and naturally raised meat as it’s seasonably available. They also purchase post-recycled paper products, including take-out containers. And they recycle and compost a large portion of food waste. Sixth Street is working with Dirt Hugger, a commercial composting company based in The Dalles that accepts meat scraps and bones, napkins, paper, and other items from restaurants for their composting program. As a result, Sixth Street’s food waste has significantly declined over the last year.

Stacie and Chris recently participated in “Sustainable Systems at Work,” a recent discussion series designed by the Northwest Earth Institute and spearheaded by the Gorge Owned Business Network.

“It was a great opportunity for a group of like-minded business owners with similar business models to get together and talk about some of the challenges we face and solutions we have found in trying to be as sustainable as possible in our business practices,” Stacie says.

One of the challenges facing restaurant owners is the seasonal availability of local produce, which can partially be addressed by offering rotating menu items reflecting the seasonal availability of foods. “We do a lot of business with Mountain Shadow Natural Meats, Hood River Organics, and Zion Farm, as well as several other smaller, more specific sources for produce and naturally raised meats,” says Stacie. “We are looking forward to the Gorge Food and Farm Connection as an opportunity to connect with more local suppliers.”

Looking towards the future, Sixth Street Bistro plans to continue to find more ways to reduce its overall environmental footprint.  “After the discussion course, we took a good look at some of the things we were doing and implemented small changes that are making a difference,” Stacie says.