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Sense of Place is Looking for Your Ideas

Sense of Place is an annual lecture series that seeks to foster a deeper understanding of and connection to our landscape and to each other. The series began as a small gathering in 2010 and has since grown to attract nearly 1,000 people annually and speakers...

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Sense of Place – Steamboats & Captains of the Columbia

Climb aboard with Captain Tom Cramblett, a third generation Gorge resident, whose love of the Gorge and passion for the historical importance of the sternwheelers, and their captains, set him on a continuing journey of research and discovery. Sense of Place lecture series – Feb. 14, 2018

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Hanford: Our River Runs Through It

Coming January 10 Sense of Place lecture series - Hanford: Our River Runs Through it The Pacific Northwest is home to the United States' most contaminated place, the Hanford Nuclear Site. Join Gorge Owned for a panel discussion that will explore the history of...

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Woody Guthrie Podcast Now Available

Get your ears ready for the Thursday, Nov. 8, release of “Woody Guthrie and the Columbia River Songs”, the next captivating podcast in the Hear in the Gorge podcast series. It’s a remarkable remembrance and celebration of one of America’s best known protest folksingers who went to work for a very short while for the federal government. 

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GO! Green Drinks at Syncline Winery

Join us Tuesday, July 11th, 5:30 to 7 p.m. for Green Drinks at Syncline Winery in Lyle, WA. Owners Poppie and Mark Mantone will provide a vineyard and garden tour and talk about sustainability practices used in their winemaking process. The couple’s experience with...

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Crag Rats Rescue – Hear in the Gorge Podcast

In the summer of 2013 a father and son set out on their first camping trip together. They did what millions of people do every year and headed to Mt. Hood. For the 10-year old boy, it was a dream come true and he was prepared, but then the trip took a turn they never...

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