Gorge Owned is currently seeking folks who are passionate about community-building in the Gorge to fill a couple of vacancies on our board of directors. Great board candidates for our organization are folks who can commit to a 2 year board term with approximately a 3-5 hour monthly commitment (or more with personal initiative), and often:

  • Have a vision or creative ideas for strengthening local communities, and supporting local economic resilience
  • Are interested in non-partisan community conversations, engaging in bridge building across a variety of perspectives
  • Value deeper, more meaningful connections between people and place
  • Value (and strive for) sustainable practices; social, economic, and environmental
  • Are change-makers with a desire to lead, or seeking an effective way to plug in at the local level
  • Bring a sense of humor, compassion, determination, and optimism

Passion and interest are the most valuable assets a board member can bring to our organization. Other desirable criteria includes:   

  • Cultural, gender, income, and generational diversity — we value setting a table with room for people from all walks of life in the Gorge
  • Regional representation — GO could currently use more representation in the western Gorge, the Dalles, and smaller, outlying communities
  • Special professional skills that lend expertise and value to the organization

Open until filled. To learn more and express interest in a board position, please fill out this brief form and tell us a little more about yourself!

Gorge Owned is a member-supported 501(c)(3) community-building organization committed to social, economic, and environmental resilience in the Columbia River Gorge. Through community conversations, powerful lectures, and a passion for strengthening local communities, we help people deepen their connections to our landscape and one another. 
Learn more about our values in the GO! Local short film, The Power of Choices

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