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Sense of Place Lecture Series

Fostering a deeper understanding of connections to our landscape and each other. 

Request for Proposals: Sense of Place Lectures Season 11 (2020-21)

Now a program of Mt. Adams Institute, Sense of Place is updating its lecture format in response to ongoing restrictions around large in-person gatherings due to COVID-19. Our recent audience survey showed overwhelming support for continuing Sense of Place in some form during the pandemic. As a result, Season 11 will likely be conducted largely online or in podcast form. There are benefits and drawbacks to this temporary shift, but Sense of Place has been an invaluable way to gather, wonder, and learn about our common ground and the SOP Team is committed to working with our speakers and supporters to continue these lectures in 2020-21. We appreciate your flexibility and interest in being a part of this special season.

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Sense of Place would not be possible without our amazing supporters. If you are interested in sponsoring the 2020-21 Sense of Place lecture series, please contact Series Host and Curator Sarah Fox at