Spring is here and summer is fast approaching! It’s event season in the Gorge and beyond. If you’re planning an event this year, the Natural Resource Defense Council has great ideas on ways to green your event, boost the local economy and cut costs. Here are some quick and simple ideas:

  • use local vendors and serve local foods (duh)
  • send invitations via e-vites
  • decorate with natural decor that don’t need to be send to the landfill
  • select a location that is easily accessible via public transit
  • make recycling easily accessible
  • use reusable or biodegradable tableware
  • offset your pollution output with a renewable energy credits
  • use energy efficient lighting and do not overlight

Visit The Natural Resource Defense Council website to further expolre these fun ideas.

Other great resources for “greening” your event in the Gorge include:

Are you planning a wedding, party, funeral, conference, or other event?  The Green Events Guide has great tips and ideas. They have more than 60 guides to planning your event.

Also, if you are traveling to an event there are ways you can be a green traveler!

  • Bring a reusable water bottle instead of buying disposable bottles (tap water is not bad for you).
  • Stay in “green” hotels and follow their policies for reducing water and linen turnover.
  • Stay close so you reduce or eliminate your rental car use.
  • “Shut down” your house to reduce electricity consumption while you are gone.

Have a blast this summer and green your events and travel!